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Programme features

The program includes lectures, tutorials and round table discussions, as well as poster and oral presentations given by the student participants. Poster sessions will receive special attention since this is the best way for the young scientists to present their own work, to seek for helpful discussions and suggestions and to establish collaborations not only with the senior scientists but with their younger colleagues as well. The best posters will be selected for oral presentations, thus giving the opportunity to young participants to present their work in detail and to experience and practice giving a short lecture. Tutorials will enable young scientists to meet experts and to take advantage of senior scientists, their experience and advices. The specific topics will be: how to give good oral presentation, how to write good CV, how to survive peer-review process. Special emphasis will be given to the round table discussions, to be dedicated to different topics: to the women in science all across the world, to reveal how it looks like working in the basic science as well as in industry, to the science in Eastern Europe. 
Overall, an interaction between young scientists and some of the best international experts in the aging field will be enabled in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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